Interior Room Door


Lacquer Door Series

It is among the models that we can classify as modern interior door. Bright chemical furniture polish is called lacquer. The smooth structure of lacquer, which can be colored or colorless, can transform a simple wood into a quality door and furniture. Its surface can be a raw MDF flat panel or a CNC machined panel.

Lacquered doors are high quality room doors on which a wide variety of patterns can be drawn. It achieves its high quality thanks to the materials used in the interior and the paint used on the surface. There is MDF on both sides of the door. Patterns are drawn on this MDF. Making all the desired designs on the door is among the most preferred reasons for these doors.

It is suitable for indoor use in rooms and bathrooms. It can be produced as double leaf, with or without glass, as you want. It is preferred due to its glossy and smooth surfaces. It is easy to clean, maintain and install. It is resistant to sun, scratches and impacts. It can be used for a long time without any problems.

Natural Coated Door Series

Coated door models are among the models that have been used for a long time. It has not lost its popularity today and is still used frequently. It is the most suitable material due to its feature.

With its wooden surface, they adapt to the furniture in your home and look beautiful in design.

During production, wood surfaces are cut in different sizes and different designs are obtained. After cutting, it is glued onto the MDF and the surface used in the veneered door models is revealed. Paint is not applied to the surface, only polishing is done.

It is easy to maintain, healthy and easy to assemble. It is resistant to sun, scratches and impacts. It can be produced in desired dimensions as double wings for commercial enterprises and large areas.

Laminate Doors Series

The most important feature of laminate doors is that they are highly resistant to impacts and sound. Laminate doors are durable because they are produced with high pressure. Since it is produced with such high pressure, its resistance against any impact it will receive from the outside will not deteriorate. This production method is quite different from other door models. Therefore, it is the most preferred door model. A situation such as breakage is not experienced in laminate doors.

Door Frames are produced from a special material. It is highly resistant to fire. In addition to houses, it is possible to see laminate door models in large-scale buildings such as hospitals, schools, dormitories and hotels. Because it is more resistant to fire, heat, impact and sound.

Laminate doors are easy to install. They are produced in various models and styles. It is widely preferred in public areas. The usage areas are quite wide. There are models with and without glass.

American Panel Door Series

American Panel Door is one of the most popular models recently. It can be used in bathrooms. It is produced as double leaf, with or without glass, as you want. The best feature is that American Panel Door is easy to clean. Due to its structure, it has dust-proof feature and is a healthy product. Color options are many. American Panel Door is among the models that can be easily painted to the desired color. The assembly process is easy. It is lightweight and easy to transport.

There are ready-made panels on both surfaces of American Panel Doors. This panel is produced from a raw material called HDF with a thickness of 3.2 mm. This material is poured into the panel mold and the patterns on its surface are formed by pressing it in this mold. It has patterns similar to the tree core on its surface. These patterns are the patterns in the mold during the pressing of the panel. The surfaces of American Panel Doors are painted with Cellulosic based paint. It can also be painted or changed in color later.

Melamine Door Series

Melamine is an organic compound. It is an industrial chemical material used in the production of plastic materials. Melamine boards are formed by applying heat on MDF.
Melamine Door does not require paint. Melamine Door is colored and has its own pattern. Melamine Door can be produced in the dimensions you want in rooms and toilets. In addition, it can be produced in desired dimensions as double door leaf. Prices are reasonable compared to other models. It provides a real wood look with its wood pattern.

Melamine Door is easy to clean, healthy and decorative. Melamine Door is easy to install. Melamine Door is more resistant to sun, scratches and impacts compared to other models. Melamine Door is a long-lasting product. Melamine Door is suitable for use in all areas.

Membrane PVC Door Series

Membrane PVC doors, which are produced with stylish appearance and quality materials, are among the models that have been popular for a long time. Membrane PVC door does not contain carcinogenic substances, it is produced from PVC. In fact, its other name is PVC door. Membrane PVC Door is produced as a result of applying high heat to MDF. Membrane PVC doors are highly resistant to heat and water.

Membrane PVC Door is produced without using paint. Colors do not change over time. Membrane PVC Door is easy to clean as there is no paint on it.

Membrane PVC Door is long lasting. Scratches that may occur on painted models do not occur on membranes. This is because the surface of the membrane coating on MDF is resistant to scratches.

Glass models are produced without the use of laths. Membrane PVC Door is easy to clean since it is lathless. In PVC membrane models, the door glass can be easily changed as it is overhead and no damage is caused. It does not require mastery when replacing the glass.

Tecnical Details Abour Interior Doors

In this section, there are technical information about the doors, information about the details, information about the hinges, lock and handles used in the doors and the color types.