Steel Door


Steel doors are safe door systems produced to protect houses, offices, apartments, villas and similar places. There are many valuable items in the home, apartment, villa or office environment. For the protection of these areas, it is extremely important that the steel door systems are durable. Steel doors with different features developed for the security of spaces are produced.

Steel doors, which are an important element of the structures, will be a complementary option to the design of your building as well as providing security.

You can customize the models of the steel door produced according to your wishes, or you can choose a model that will appeal to your taste among the existing models.

While you want to have a more comfortable and more stylish structure, you should also choose a quality steel door that will affect security in the first place. We produce steel doors, apartment doors, villa doors, outdoor doors, fire doors, ultralam doors as wholesale and retail. In addition to quality, you will also find affordable steel doors. Steel door models that will provide effective protection against thieves with their quality, impress those who see with their design, and provide longer-lasting trouble-free use with their materials are provided to you by an expert team. We manufacture special steel doors for you or your project with our expert teams.

Steel Door Features

• Frames are made of 1.5 mm steel profile in accordance with steel door production and assembly standards. In terms of safety, this measure reaches a thickness of 3.5 mm. The frame structure is thought to be in the frame with the wall in draft. Our production is done on-site and with special measurements for each door.
• Door spans are 1.5 mm profile, security is 6.5 mm thick. The inside of the wing is supported by 0.70 mm sheet metal.
• All metal parts are in appearance with the desired material. The cold look of the metal and the system 8mm in the case and 8mm in the wing are thoughtful and warm style.
• For the wing, exterior cladding inner sheet and outer cladding furniture heat insulation material are used.
• Sound, heat, dust and great comfort with insulation and sealing quality.
• In door assembly, steel shafts that are the most assembly system and mounted on the wall or the appropriate welded method are used. The construction material made with this system almost forms an integrity with the wall. The search is removed from the service from deprecation, ensuring that the balance from use from a collection from the use wall from the dooring system does not deteriorate.
• Sites in the gate system. the only system is the lock system. If the lock is protection, the warranty period is 5 years. Except for the lock system, hard impacts and scratches, our doors are guaranteed for life.
• It can be turned in a way that cannot be turned with the lock.
• Lock cylinders are protected from the outside to the side and cut by hardened steel armor.
• Locks will be 3-turn monoblock locks in the middle and top as standard. Depending on the choice, 13 structural key door locks are used with a single key, among the so-called central.
• Quality 180 degree binoculars and door handles are used as standard on the doors. different so that colors and tips can be added.

-1.2 mm Steel frame and door leaf
-Static painted door frame and door leaf
-Anti-Theft Trapeze Steel Plate on the door leaf
-Rockwool Insulation (Sound Insulation-Heat Insulation)

Lock system
Turkish-made anti-theft lock system

Fire Door Features

• 120 minutes fire resistance,
• 60mm wing,
• L frame or plug-in frame system,
• Spring and force adjustable hinge,
• Ral 9001 electrostatic color option,
• Panicbar or option with automatic lockable cover,
• Cold and hot smoke seal,
• Fire resistant glass and grille application option,
• Production according to standard or measure,
• Double and single wing production option,
• Right and left exit option.